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Bourgueil / St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil
  • Domaine de la Chanteleuserie
    Thierry Boucard
    Tel. +33(0)
    t.boucard@wanadoo.fr - http://boucard-vins.com/
    AOC Bourgueil red and rosé, AOC St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil red grape Cabernet franc. Several vintages available, 4 different vintages "Alouettes' sandy land," Beauvais, "Vieilles Vignes" and "Golden Lily" land clay-limestone. Le Rosé, cabernet franc is a dry rosé.

  • Domaine Eric Bureau et fils
    Le Fresne - 37140 St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil - Tél.: +33(0)2 47 97 73 24 - Fax +33(0)2 47 97 95 62
    Opened from 9am to 12am and from 2 pm to 7pm, sundays by appointment.
    Situated on the D35 road, direction to Saumur. Our St-Nicolas de Bourgueil, Chinon and Bourgueil wines have been elaborated in respect of tradition for the last few generation.

  • Clos du Vigneau
    Le Vigneau - 37140 St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil - Tél.: +33(0)2 47 97 75 10 - www.clos-du-vigneau.com - info@clos-du-vigneau.com
    Come and share our passion for wine.

  • Domaine des Robinières
    EARL Marchesseau Fils

    16, rue de l’Humelaye - 37140 Bourgueil

    Tél. : +33(0) - Portable : +33(0)

    earl.marchesseau@liberty surf.fr

    The field lies in the heart of the vineyard Bourgueil. It is headed by the new generation, Bertrand and Vincent, between tradition and modernity. The operation of an area of 18 hectares is divided between three designations, Bourgueil, Chinon and Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. Visit and tasting french and english. For a home insured, please call us.

  • Caves Monmousseau
    71 route de Vierzon – 41400 Montrichard
    Tél. +33(0) – Fax. +33(0)
    ariane@monmousseau.com - www.monmousseau.com
    15 km of tunnels dug in the tuffeau : a traditional site of choice for the development of our fine wines bubbles Touraine and our great wines of the Loire Valley. Tour - Tasting - Shop. Open daily from 10am to 18h April 1 to October 30, 2008.

  • Pierre et Bertrand COULY
    4, rue de Saint Louans – 37500 Chinon
    Tel. +33(0)
    couly.pierreetbertrand@club.fr - www.pb.couly.com
    Pierre Bertrand Couly, wine producers of Chinon, welcome you all day to see to discover their production.

  • Musée animé du Vin et de la Tonnellerie
    12 rue Voltaire 37500 Chinon
    5 mn from the Castle
    Tel. +33(0)
    Tasting: Wine, fouaces, fouées. Meals medieval cellar, packed fouées at will. By appointment.

  • Domaine de la Semellerie
    37500 Cravant les Coteaux
    Tel. +33(0)2. - la-semellerie@wanadoo.fr

  • Montlouis, Espace des Producteurs
    2 route de St-Aignan - 37270 Montlouis sur Loire - Tel. +33(0) - Fax. +33(0)
    Wines appellation of origin. Regional products. Visit and tasting free. Framework exceptionally authentic.
    >> More informations (French)

  • Clos des Cordeliers
    49400 Souzay-Champigny
    Tel. +33(0)
    domaine-ratron@clos-des-cordeliers.com - www.clos-des-cordeliers.com
    Since 1932, family Ratron expanded and modernized the vineyard (with an anti-freeze, temperature controlled vats, a pneumatic press ...) and perpetuates the reputation of the area by producing Samumur-Champigny, Appellation of Origin of Val de Loire. Open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 18. Outside those hours and Sunday, contact us for an appointment. Tour groups possible.

  • Domaine de la Chapelle
    14 route Gittonière – 41 700 Choussy
    Tel. +33(0) / +33(0)
    Touraine white, pink, red. Wine in bulk and bottled. Closed Sunday.

  • Le Domaine de la Renne
    Guy Levèque Vigneron à 41140 St-Romain-sur-Cher
    1 chemin de la Forêt 41140 St-Romain-sur-Cher - Tel. +33(0)
    www.lvo.com/SELECTIONLVO/domainedelarenne/index.html - domaine.de.la.renne@wanadoo.fr
    Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Côt, Rosé, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Cabernet.

  • Domaine de la Girardière
    La Girardière – 41 100 Saint Aignan
    Tel. +33(0)
    AOC Touraine medallist, selling directly to the cellar. Rouge - Rose - White - Fines bubbles. Tasting and shipments France and abroad..

    >> More informations (French)

  • Domaine de la Méchinière
    Mr et Mme Forgues

    22 route de Saint Aignan – 41 100 Mareuil sur Cher
    Tel. +33(0)
    - www.domaine-mechiniere.com
    Protecting the land, life, the future. We are working our 18 ha of Touraine in the Valley of Cher by charter Terra Vitis, based on observation and respect for the environment. The care that we apply to our vines enjoys the quality of grapes, harvested in low yields, and our wines, white, pink and red, which express the best true characteristics of our soil. And finding the former winegrowers us, we redonnons our wines to their original flavors, combining finesse and harmony. Valerie and Jacques Forgues - Domaine de la Méchinière - exploitation qualified under the Agriculture Raisonnée. Our wines: Touraine Blanc: Sauvignon, Chenin - Touraine rosé: Pineau d'Aunis - Touraine rouges: Gamay, Cabernet franc, Côt et Assemblage. English spoken - deutsch gesprochen

  • Cave de la Berthelotière
    4, rue de la Berthelotière – 41100 Villiers sur Loire
    Tel. +33(0) – Port. +33(0)
    Wide range of white wines, rose, red. Traditional method. Several wines are available.

  • EARL Guy Malbête
    Tel. +33(0) - Fax : +33(0)
    Come and see our three varietals Sauvignon Blanc. Pinot gris and Black Red Pinot. Hours: Open throughout the week 8 am to 12 pm - 14 am to 18 pm. Closed afternoon Sundays and holidays.

  • Cave des Vignerons des Coteaux Romanais
    Producteur de vin
    30 km sud de Blois – 10mn au nord du zoo de Beauval
    50, rue Principale – 41140 St-Romain-sur-Cher
    Tel. +33(0) - www.cavevignerons-romanais.fr
    Tasting. Cuvée Saint-Vincent, cuvée Rubis, cuvée de Printemps, Crémant de Loire.

  • Vins du Val de Loire
    Thierry Besard Propriétaire – Vigneron
    10, les Priviers – 37130 Lignières-de-Touraine
    Tel. +33(0) – Fax. +33(0)
    Touraine red and traditional method. Touraine Azay-le-Rideau white and pink. Bulk and bottles.

Appellation Valençay
  • Domaine du Bois Gaultier
    Mme et M. Leclair - Viticulteurs
    Le Bois Gaultier 36600 Fontguenand
    Tel. +33(0) - Fax. +33(0) - Mobile : +33(0)
    Present on the markets summer and Christmas fairs, Marylène and Serge Leclair offer wine which is clearly distinguishable by its finesse on the palate and a refreshing finale. Valençay A.O.C.

  • Le Clos de l'Epinay
    L'Epinay - 37210 Vouvray -Tél.: +33(0)2 47 52 61 90 - ldumange@terre-net.fr - www.vinvouvray.com
    Situated in the heart of the vineyard, come to visit Le clos de l'Epinay (300 years old) and taste the Vouvray wine every afternoon from 2pm to 5.30pm or by appointment. French, English, German and Dutch speaking.

  • Vincent Métivier
    51 rue Neuve - 37210 Vernou sur Brenne - Tél. +33(0)2 47 52 01 95 - +33(0)6 80 59 40 58
    Vouvray wine. 2005 Gold Medal for sparkling wine.Tour and tasting.

  • Domaine Clos des Aumones
    Philippe Gaultier

    129 rue Anatole France – 37 540 Saint Cyr sur Loire – Tel./Fax : +33(0) / +33(0)
    dcagaultier37@orange.fr - www.domaine-des-aumones-com
    Philippe GAULTIER welcomes you in its area of 18 ha located on the first coast Rochecorbon, ground clay and limestone, giving Vouvray wines their character. Visit tasting by appointment.

  • Château GAUDRELLE

    87 route de Monnaie - 37210 VOUVRAY France
    Tél : +33(0) - gaudrelle1@libertysurf.fr
    Come to the Castle Gaudrelle to meet the wine and its soil. You will discover the nuances that the soil can give the Vouvray at a price "soft".

  • Cave des Producteurs de Vouvray
    38 La Vallée Coquette – 37210 Vouvray
    Tél. +33(0) - www.cp-vouvray.com
    Enter the little secrets of the great wines of Vouvray. Caves troglodyte, the modern tools of wine, vine (video), mini-museum of the barrel. Vouvray wine and Loire wines. Articles gifts - gifts products. Guided tours. Tasting. Open 7 days / 7 all year round from 9 to 12.30 am and 14 to 19 pm. From 9 am to 19.30 pm May 1 to September 30.

  • Le Moulin d’Angibault
    Claude et Alain Ferrand
    D62 – 37210 Vernou sur Brenne
    Tél. +33(0) – vin.alainferrand@wanadoo.fr
    Vouvray AOC .


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