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Classifications of roses


Roses with large flowers and grey-green leaves, flower only once, in summer. The flowers are white or pale pink.

Illustration opposite - Alba Semiplena
Since the 16th century, this rose has had clusters of flat creamy-white flowers. The Alba Semiplena is also called "The White Rose of York".

 Bourbons and Portland

Vigorous roses which flower several times, and can tend to climb when crossed with a China or Damask rose.

Alba semi Plana

Duchesse de Montebello


Compact roses whose flowers' colors range from deep pink to clear luminous colors to many-colored variants.

Illustration opposite - Duchesse de Montebello
This delicate rose grows into a shrub, its cup-shaped flowers are a translucent pale pink.

 Centifolias and Moss

These roses have large-petaled flowers and drooping leaves.

Illustration opposite - Nuits de Young
This rose (also known as "Old Black") is highly sought-after due to its dark maroon-purple color. The flowers are small, flat and delicate.

Nuits de Young

Cécile Brunner

 China and tea

Delicate roses that flower several times, they form flamboyant shrubs with small highly-scented flowers.

Illustration opposite - Cecile Brunner
Also known as the Sweetheart Rose, its prominent buds open in the shape of an urn, the flowers are a pale pearly pink, and are delicately scented.


Flexible roses, which flower abundantly with vibrant colored flowers.

Illustration opposite - Madame Hardy
Considered to be one of the most luxuriant roses of the old variety, its cup-shaped white flowers reveal a tender green heart when they bloom.

Madame Hardy



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