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Discovering the Park

The park of the Chambord chateau covers 5,440 hectares, and is Europe's largest wooded park. Its surrounding will stretches for 31 km
Many types of trees can be found there: oaks, Scotch pines, chestnut, willow, hawthorn, alder, hornbeam, aspen and many fruit trees...

Facade of the chateau ©NRCO-DL


Declared a national nature preserve in 1947, the park is also a laboratory for the study of large animals. Many types of protected birds can be found there, together with boar and many cervids, especially deer.

The deer troat season, from mid-September to mid-October, attracts many curious people who come to observe the deer from the special observation posts in the forest. These watchtowers are available to the public to observe wild animals, and are also excellent for those wishing to take photographs.

During the 16th century, the kings of France came to Chambord mainly to hunt with hounds, which is now forbidden in the estate, even though it is still the presidential hunting grounds.
The only exceptions: 16 official drives are organized each year, to regulate the deer population, and the Chambord Game Fair that takes place in June.

Discovering the Chambord Park

 By Car
You enter the Chambord Park at the Pavillons de Bracieux, la Chaussée, Thoury or Muides. The D103 road crosses the estate from east to west, and the D112 and D120 cross it from north to south.
Several "private" roads also spread out in a "star" form the chateau. All the main points of the park are accessible by car.
You can park your car in any of the 9 parking areas, which also contain picnic tables.

 By foot
The GR 3 "grande randonnee" hiking path crosses the park.
For shorter walks, three paths have been specially marked (walks from 1 to 2 hours).

 By horse
There are horse paths that cross the park, and you can ride horses from the Marechal de Saxe stables.
You can also take a horse-drawn cart ride in the park starting from the Marechal de Saxe stables. Price: 7,5 /adult, 5/child (information: Tel.: 00 33 (0) 2 54 20 31 01)
Note: From May to September there is a Riding Show in the beautiful setting of the Marechal de Saxe stables. Information: Tel.: 00 33 (0) 2 54 20 31 01


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