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Green lentils from Berry

Lentil is a plant from the papilionacae family whose seeds constitute a pulse with exceptional qualities of taste.

Berry is the main french producer of green lentils and production in the Cher and Indre departments is about 1,5 ton.

Lentils from Berry have a red label.


Green lentils from Berry cream with smoked haddock recipe

250 g green lentils from Berry
2 smoked haddock fillets
1 onion
3 cloves
1 carrot
1/4 liter milk
1/4 liter cream

30 minutes

25 minutes

Bake green lentils from Berry in salt water with a carrot and an onion sticked with cloves.

During baking remove the haddock skin. Cut the fillets in two and poach them 5 minutes in the milk.

When lentils are baked, purée them, add milk and cream and check seasoning.

Serve in a hot soup plate and add the smoked haddock fillets at the last moment. Add chervil to decorate.

Recipe of Mr Pinault from l'Hotel de la Plage
Hotel de la Plage
42 rue du Pont
36210 Chabris




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