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Angelica from Niort

Angelica is an umbelliferous plant with a fluted stem grown in the Marais Poitevin (close from Niort in the Deux-Sèvres-79). Almost 52 tons are produced every year.

It is said to have many medicinal properties (digestive, tonic and antispasmodic properties). Poitiers area believes say that it allowed to cure plague and that its culture was introduced in the region in 1602 to check a serious epidemic.

It is used most of the time crystallized in patisserie, it takes then the aspect of green sticks. it is also used for jam, liquors and in cooking to flavor omeletts, trouts...

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Crystallized angelica recipe

Ingredients :
500 g angelica
500 g sugar
6 dl water

Preparation :
3 days

Recipe :
Cut angelica stems in sticks. Soak in boiling water for 45 minutes to take veins out. Boil stems until they're well tender. Drain and put under cold water.

Put the angelica pieces in a sirup made with 6 dl water and 500 g sugar. Move the sirup until it's smooth. Turn it off and let it rest 1 day.
The day after take the angelica stems out of the sirup. Put the sirup again on the heat and move it until it's pearl.
Put again the angelica pieces in the sirup and let rest again 1 day. Repeat the process a third time then take the crystallized angelica stems out and dry them on a shelf.

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